Executive Function Assistant app for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, dementia and neurocognitive disorders.

The RehaGoal app guides safely and error-free through
regular routines of everyday life and work.

The challenge of those affected.

When people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are asked to perform complex tasks, this can be difficult, perhaps leading to failure and frustration. This means an essential challenge in the everyday life of those affected.
Everyday tasks usually consist of several sub-steps. These need to be planned and implemented in the right order.


The Executive Function Assistant App is designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, dementia and neurocognitive disorders who are supported by therapists, caregivers, social workers or job coaches. 
A scientifically validated and field-proven assistive technology to compensate for executive dysfunction.


The aim is to assist people with disabilities to maintain, develop, increase or regain their everyday task performance or earning capacity. 
The RehaGoal app helps people to plan and carry out complex tasks.

Operating principle

It´s great for breaking down multi-step tasks and routines.
The main function of the app allows support staff to create a verbal/visual workflow using their own photos. The workflow can be individually and precisely adjusted. The app guides the user step by step through even complex processes.

Who it´s for?

People with executive dysfunction in:
  • Neurological diseases | Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, and others
  • Neurodegenerative diseases | Dementias such as Alzheimer’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
  • Psychiatric diseases | ADD/ADHD, Addiction and addiction-related disorders, Depression
  • Intellectual disabilities | Down syndrome, Fetal alcohol syndrome, Autism spectrum disorder

How does it work?
  • The web application on PC or laptop is used by the support staff.
  • Workflows are defined via a graphical workflow editor in the app.
  • You start with the goal and fill in each task, rules, repetition, or reminder one by one.
  • The support staff develops and adjusts the workflows based on individual tasks in cooperation with the client.
  • These individual workflows are transferred to a mobile device.
  • Tablets or mobile phones are then used by those affected at home and/or at work to be guided step-by-step through complex tasks.
  • During workflow execution the client confirms the completion of a task by clicking it.


The program is started on the PC/laptop in a web browser or installed on the Android tablet/mobile phone via the Google PlayStore as an app. iPad and iphone application available June 2023.

Science | Research

RehaGoal Science
RehaGoal is the result of years of research. The core idea was developed and evaluated as part of the Research projects SecuRIn and Smart Inclusion by Prof. Dr. Sandra Verena Müller and Prof. Dr. Ina Schiering | Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences | Germany. The app was developed as part of a research project in an interdisciplinary project team and evaluated in a series of studies. The team included neuropsychologists, computer scientists, rehabilitation centers and non-profit organizations where people with disabilities work.

Add real value to the people you support! Let’s start here with overcoming barriers. 

The RehaGoal app will be available in English in early 2023 at a price of USD 450. This 1-year license subscription is for one therapist/caregiver and includes a number of 20 clients. Be the first to reserve your app access, write us your needs, and get a preferential price of USD 350.  Contact us

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