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Distribution Partner Program (NDPP)

Become our HeadApp partner and let’s work together to make computer-assisted cognitive therapy even more accessible worldwide. NDPP allows you, as an established medical technology provider, to easily and seamlessly offer HeadApp.

  • Rapid Deployment: Get up and running within just one week, seamlessly integrating into our program.
  • NDPP Portal with Training and Marketing Material: Access our comprehensive NDPP portal, offering extensive training resources and marketing materials to support your success.
  • Partner Online Shop: Utilize our exclusive online shop designed specifically for our partners, providing convenient transactions.
  • Authorized Partner Protection | Exclusivity in Selected Areas: Enjoy authorized partner protection and exclusive distribution rights in specific geographical regions.
If you’re interested in becoming an official HeadApp distributor in your country, please send an email to:
We will promptly get in touch with you and provide the necessary terms and conditions.
Let’s forge a successful partnership and create a mutually beneficial win-win situation through the NeuroZip Distribution Partner Program.

Distribution Partner