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HeadApp logo featuring 'Cognitive Rehabilitation' with a focus on Cognitive Screening and Training.

Computer-Aided Cognitive Rehabilitation

Experience the benefits of cognitive screening and training with HeadApp, a trusted name with 30 years of expertise. Our program targets specific mental abilities like memory, attention, working memory, language, and executive function.

Within the software, you can choose from 13 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

Therapist excited about digital Cognitive Screening and Training solution for clinic, practice, and home use.

Cognitive therapy – in clinic, practice, and at home

Professionals consistently opt for HeadApp as their premier choice in computer-aided cognitive rehabilitation, thanks to its outstanding performance in clinical settings, private practices, rehabilitation centers, mobile applications, and remote in-home rehabilitation via the internet.

The system provides deficit specific, highly effective therapy for patients with cognitive impairments resulting from stroke, TBI, inflammatory, autoimmune, neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive deficits associated with psychiatric diseases.

HeadApp addresses memory, working memory, attention, reaction and impulse control, planning and problem solving, spatial cognition, language and everyday functions. HeadApp provides both an In-clinic solution and a telerehabilitation solution for home patients. The web-based application can be used on any internet enabled computer or tablet. No install process needed!

Programs and features

Comprehensive suite of 7 screening tests, 2 questionnaires, and 23 training programs.

The screenings and questionnaires are designed to assist the therapist in finding the most appropriate therapy modules. They can detect which cognitive deficit the patient may have and which degree of severity can be found. The system automatically recommends therapy modules most suitable to address the specific cognitive deficits of the client.

23 computerized training programs modules are available to help your patients improve cognitive function and compensatory skills in Attention, Information Processing Speed, Reaction and Impulse Control, Working Memory, Memory, Spatial Cognition, Language, and Executive Functions.

Therapist signals approval for the comprehensive HeadApp suite: 7 screenings, 2 questionnaires, and 23 training programs covering Screening, Therapy, and Monitoring.
Young therapist signals attention with her hand. Customized brain training tailored to individual needs.

For all stages of rehabilitation 

HeadApp is suitable for all stages of rehabilitation and can be assigned according to each patient’s level of deficit from mild to severe.

After starting a therapy session, HeadApp adapts the level of difficulty automatically to the patient’s performance. It’s not necessary to care for the patient all the time, HeadApp leads the patient, instructs and gives feedback.

The patient progress is automatically tracked and monitored while the clinician is able to deliver services to a greater number of clients – increasing both client treatment efficacy and clinician efficiency.

Free Trial

Just try it out, experience the ease of use, and take advantage of the variety of the program.

Enjoy your trial!

Young SLP gestures to the HeadApp logo, inviting everyone to explore all HeadApp features for free during a 14-day trial.


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No Credit Card required / No Obligation

Try the full program for up to 14 days

Free trial for the software on Windows and Mac PCs/Laptops

Software loads in your default browser, no install needed

Click “Professional Version” and “Register”

Start by adding your first patient clicking “New”

Screen your patient

Assess which cognitive deficits the patient may have and which degree of severity can be found.

Proceed recommended training protocol

Based on the screening results, a personalized training recommendation will be automatically displayed with a battery of the most suitable training programs.

To achieve the best results, the following training duration and frequency is recommended: 20 to 45 minutes per day, 3 to 5 days per week.

Monitor and track results

Track progresss by evaluating results, success of the therapy can be monitored by repeating the screenings.

For every test, there are three parallel versions; however, to prevent the impact of learning effects, a test cannot be repeated within one month after its initial completion.