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Telerehabilitation with HeadApp

Would you like to assign cognitive homework, expand your patient reach, and strengthen loyalty to your practice?

This is your solution! Explore the therapy plan feature seamlessly integrated into HeadApp, available to you at no additional cost.

Extended Flexibility

Applying HeadApp enhances accessibility to patients, reinforcing face-to-face clinic activities with extended flexibility, culminating in a comprehensive approach to personalized and effective cognitive recovery.

Streamline Progress

The HeadApp “therapy plan” for distance treatment ensures consistent progress by eliminating disruptions from factors such as distance and transportation issues, addressing geographical challenges, and providing flexibility and convenience.

Included at No Extra Fees, Unlimited Patients

Extend your therapeutic reach to an unlimited number of patients, enhancing accessibility and providing comprehensive care. Provide cognitive rehabilitation without the burden of extra costs – it’s all included in HeadApp.

Optimize Patient Reach: Enhance accessibility to patients, reinforcing office activities with extended flexibility.

Expand your business capacity: Manage the rehabilitation of patients from various regions.

Efficient Time Management: Minimize downtime and travel for focused interventions, optimizing therapeutic time.

Controlled and Personalized Remote Interventions: Conduct remote interventions with precision. Effortlessly generate personalized therapy plans with the option for immediate or later access to training results.

Redefine Therapy Based on Progress: Tailor therapy to individual progress, fostering continuous and scheduled improvement.

Continuity of Care: Seamless transition for uninterrupted rehabilitation.

Convenience and Accessibility: Access therapy from home, anytime, fostering flexibility.

Adherence and Progress: Promote adherence to treatment plans, ensuring consistent progress.

Mobility Solutions: Avoid travel challenges, especially beneficial for those with mobility issues.

Enhanced Engagement: Create a comfortable environment at home, contributing to better outcomes.

HeadApp’s Therapy Plan Solution

How does remote cognitive rehabilitation work with HeadApp? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

1. Initiate Therapy Plan

  • Click on the “Therapy plan” button to start the process.

2. Calendar Planning

  • Access calendar.
  • Utilize available exercises on the right.
  • Set a training duration below the module list, valid for all programs.
  • Easily schedule training programs by dragging and dropping.

3. Customization Settings

  • Click on assigned programs for customization.

4. Prescription Transfer

  • Transfer the therapy plan by clicking “Use plan” and “Save.”

5. Access at Home

  • User connect from home using their e-mail address and personal password provided by the therapist to access and engage in the planned activities.

6. Automated Progress Tracking

  • HeadApp records automatically session results.
  • Therapists gain insights into patient progress.
  • Therapists can evaluate and customize training setup for ongoing improvement.

Schedule plan by date

Telerehabilitation - Therapy plan

Schedule plan by training day (30 days)


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From screening to cognitive training and language exercises, seize the opportunity to explore it all.